Monday, June 27, 2011

Doodle 1 - Stinky Beep

Stinky Beep Concept Drawing
Stinky Beep, for whatever reason, is the most hilarious of subjects to me.  Just saying his name makes me laugh.  After coming up with the concept I explained it to my kids and they loved it.  His name was partly my fault and partly the inspiration of my oldest daughter.  I can’t resist his childlike charms.  I’ve only drawn a few concepts of the character, but this one captures what I’m looking for very well.  Simple, cute, silly, likeable and fun to say.
Basically, Stinky Beep was born from my many years of desire to create a fun, non-educational, children’s book that was outlandishly fun for me to make.  It would also be nice if it was just as fun to read.  When I sat down to finally write the words, I threw out any reservations on my writing style and thought “just write what you would want to read.”  I’ve worked over the script a few times and it stands at a good 10-15 pages, one to two sentences per page.  As I begin to get into this blogging world I am optimistic about pushing to finally complete the first book.  I am planning to release to a publisher (call me…no really, call me) or publish by myself on Kindle, or other eReader.  I’m not real concerned about it becoming a money maker, (publishers should ignore that last line) but who cares, he’s fun, funny and very cute and reminds me of the sweet simple comedy that is life. 
This drawing is him after his fateful transformation.  The beard, tank wheels and scuba mask are all results of his experimentation with his mysterious powers that manifest themselves when he eats different things.  I don’t want to spoil the entire first book (which isn’t that much more complex) so I’ll stop there. 
I’ve taken to the pen and ink style lately, over my traditional love of pencil work.  I really like what can be done with line thickness to express further character.  I also love the ability of black to fill out a drawing and make it feel more solid. 
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