Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doodle 2 - Teddy Flight

Teddy Flight
What wonder are the pens and pencils all around us!
This beauty is the result of doodling away while sitting near a pile of pens and pencils at someplace (not-work).  The medium is pencil (shading), black pen, blue pen, red pen and a highlighter.  I wanted to add some color so I used blue over the already complete black and white.  It still felt a little empty though.  The red pen was useful for the feeling of background and overall adding playful color to the piece.  I also felt really good about the scribble-like flow when adding the texture.  Finally the wings felt empty and since I had no other present color choice, the highlighter filled them in.
The subject of a winged teddy bear was…more just an expression of what sits in my head.  When I start going at a blank paper there is always an inherit risk that a teddy bear will soon appear on the page.  It’s not deliberate, but about the basic shapes, circle head, circle ears, circle body, no fingers/toes, short limbs, etc.  The whole concept is rooted in the basic structures that make up most other artwork.  I wouldn’t rate this as my best drawing ever, but I would say it’s enjoyable to look at, and was enjoyable to create.  
Your Friend,