Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doodle 4 - Best Fresh Squeezed

Hugs are like Lemonade - Best Fresh Squeezed
Forgive the abundance of sappiness and just think how cute a greeting card that makes.  I do recall as a young man, fresh from high school applying for a job at American Greetings and Hallmark.  Both decided my lack of experience and schooling did not constitute a solid candidate for employment...their loss for sure.  I am truly a butter heart though (softy) and I've always enjoyed the little illustrations of romantic sentiment.  I also seem to be quite good at crafting images that to me bring out an emotional memory. 
I did an entire series of sweetheart type art back in the day, mostly because I was SUPER shy and the girl I totally liked paid me no mind (sigh), so I drew little romantic scenes in lieu of actually overcoming insecurities and shyness.  Still serves as some fond memories and lessons learned.
Good Gordon, is that pencil!!! Yes, I broke from my pen and ink phase for a day and doodled this one in pencil.  I blame it on the type of paper I was using.  I found a sketch book tucked away in the upper rooms of my mansion.  This sketch book was forged in the fires of Mount Doom and has upon its pages some of the finest etchings by the great artists of our generation (Zak and Joe and me).  I had to use it, I had to; its power was just too great.  The paper was best suited for pencil and not ink, so I stuck with it. 
I am a big fan of pencil work, love the shading, the detail, the sharpness of the lines, the freedom to erase, the rendering power and so on.  If I was in greater practice with pencil I would likely have included some better shading, but I’m very accustomed to line art as of late.
Meltingly Yours,