Friday, July 1, 2011

Doodle 5 - Gloopey Enthusiasm

Gloopey Enthusiasm
You knew it was only a matter of time before a little monster made of mud was going to appear on here and you were right.  It’s a recurring theme of mine.  Mud men are fun to make with all the little gloops, glops and such.  Black and White is back as well and I think I will add most of these pen and ink pieces to the coloring book.  If I get my act together you’ll be able to order coloring books from this blog sooner or later, or least link to somewhere that you can.   Speaking of the coloring book, I sold a handful of the first addition, but I’ve added a lot since then, so even if you scored one early, you should know it’s better now than ever.  If you haven’t gotten a coloring book, you’re missing something amazing (mass order discounts are certanly available).  When in doubt just email me.
I don’t have much art-wise to say about this one.  I kept it simple, clean and fun.  I was going for an enthusiastic expression to contrast the nature of the subject.  You might think someone made of mud would have a sour or “muddy” disposition, but not so my friend.  The drawing makes me want to take a next step and follow up with something more complex.