Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doodle - '08

It still counts even though it was done in 2008, right?  I mean come on, when the drawing was complete I titled it, "Doodle."  You've got to cut me a little slack, work has been insanely busy lately, we've got 50% of 10 kids at home and this week I need to write a final paper for my college class.
Now that you're all feeling very sympathetic, enjoy this little drawing from yesteryear.  I like each of the elements independently, like the wings, the girl, the lizard, the flowers, but together it just feels like forced randomness.  I needed something to tie them together.  While the lizard and bird share eye contact, it just seem insincere somehow, like they are in the picture, but not sure what to do with each other and they know the artist is about to take the shot, so they pose for it, but they don't really belong.  That's what I see in this.  The girl has wings, but why, she's wearing a sweater, does the sweater come with wings, or are they hers?  Who bought all these flowers anyway?  How much dd they cost?  Why are they around everything, but touching nothing?  Final review, I think it was a wonderfully executed  piece (the pencil is fantastic) of misaligned characters and elements...good thing it was years ago, right.
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