Monday, July 18, 2011

Doodle ? - Dual Dragons

Ok, it's not new, but I figure few enough have seen it, that it's worth posting here.  This was actually some artwork done for one of my Art Cards and one of my personal favorites, but ironically enough it never sold!  So I think I still have the original sitting in a briefcase.
The drawing is intended to show a state of mutual hostility between the two dragons, who are opposites.  While hostile, they are also passive in their positioning, meaning they are against the other presence, but unable, or unwilling to be the one to break the barrier to actual contact and physicality.  Each is tempting the other to cross the line while refusing to do so themselves.  If we want to dig deeper, it's a metaphor for each of us, who possess something of the divine and something of the natural man, these two forces are in conflict, but never seem to be able to totally supplant the other.

I promise some more originals soon,

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