Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doodle 8+ Football

Football Angst
Football Pride

Today brings us two drawings for the price of one.  (Must be a Groupon thing)  Mostly because I cheated a little.  These aren't "new" drawings in the sense that I just barely created them for the blog, but they are new in the sense that no one has seen them before. 
One of my most popular images (based on number of emails from people requesting to use it at no cost) was the football player I drew in high school.  Not long ago this also led to a commissioned drawing for the Oregon State Beavers You'll notice they use the logo in many places.  The full image is awesome, but they crop it to fit the different areas of the site.  Anyway, after drawing that logo I was in the zone as far as football themed artwork and so I drew these two guys up.  I looked around for a buyer, but so far no one has snatched up the printing rights from me (be the first!).  I also didn't post it to any of my other sites. 
This type of image is quite possibly my favorite to draw and favorite to look at.  I love the black and white, the absence of expression, the massive, manly, strong, and slightly scary persona that football is often associated with.  If I had time to do a series of 100 like these I probably would.  They are fun to make and to see, for me anyway.  Hope you enjoy as well.