Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doodle 9 - Beauty

 I dug into my old briefcases today and found a stack of unfinished (some exceptionally awesome) drawings.  I pulled a handful out because they would be easy to finish and this was the first of those.  It was a rough thin pencil sketch and I threw down the inks to bring it to life.  I experimented with the textures a little (the circles on the skin, the ribs, the tail lines, etc.) to see what I could do with just raw ink.  Usually I will flesh out a drawing in pencil until the ink is a mere application and not something to create with.  Here I had little guidance from the pencil side, so I had to bring in what I could, but it's risky because ink is unforgiving.
Often I'm asked why I have a stack (literally hundreds) of unfinished drawings sitting around.  Well, my simple answer is this, not every drawing deserves to be finished.  Some due to lack of success, lack of time, lack of emotional connection, lack of enthusiasm, or because it was never created to be finished; it was destined to be just a sketchy little guy next to several other sketchy little guys of slightly different orientation.  Also, takes time and I don't often have time to go back and correct errors in earlier work.

Life is beautiful,