Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Doodle 16 - Space Eye

Space Eye
I'm only cheating a little by posting this, since some of the picture is new.  I was experimenting with the use of pen when I created this.  Turns out some pens and better on some papers and vice versa, but that all still needs to be worked out.
But who cares about the art talk, let's talk feelings...I realized, not too long ago that being yourself, does not mean being selfish.  In fact, if we really understand the true nature of life, the very opposite comes out.  Selfishness is self-defeating behavior; a self-deception, which ignores the neccissary contribution for continued life provided by others, the environment, and the divine.  I am convinced that the actual path to being yourself is selfless.
Now as for the art, the textural experiment here really made me happy.  One of the things I have trouble with is using too much black, or having too little definition in a pen and ink drawing, for fear of unintentionally ruining the drawing.  This drawing was a big step forward for me.  I do admit, this isn't "new" so I apologize, once again I did not meet the intention of the blog...forgive me!
Your best friend,

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