Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doodle 17 - Wise Teddy or Teddy Won Kanobi

Wise Teddy
As with Doodle 16, this isn't actually new, but I just think it fits in too well to deny it a place on this blog.  I was not as pleased with the results from this experiment.  As I recall, the drawing was pretty void so I wanted to make him look furry.  Some of that was achieved, but it darkened him up a lot more than I intended.  I like the walking stick though.  The blotchy pattern on it, was something Zak and I developed back in the day of Tofu comics, which I wish I had held onto.  Each issue was basically a preview for issues to come, which doesn't captivate readers very well, but I loved selling them to high schoolers for a $1 and trying my hand at comic creation. 

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