Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doodle 23 - Fish

Fish...is neither creative nor funny, but it is done and post-able, so BAM here it is!  I looked back at my doodles and so far most of them are genius!  A handful are strange and a few are common or non-creative, but I enjoy the process as a whole.
I always wanted to be a celebrated artist, in demand, admired by all, and so on, but at some point I thought it would be best to pursue art as a passionate side-bar instead.  I likely would never have taken a job in the Marine Corps or Air Force if I had dedicated myself to illustration and in that respect I would have missed a great many benefits I now enjoy.  I may never have gotten a college education or been just a few credits from my Masters.  All in all I can't help but recognize the many good things that have come from the choices I've made, but somewhere in the back of my skull is the never dying question, could I have made this my living...I think yes!  I probably still could, but that would require a great shift in the structure of my life at present.  On that note, I have an incredible idea for a science fiction novel centered around a device that creates ghosts...but not like you think, way different.  More on that later.


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