Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doodle 31 - Fighting Weasels

Those Fighting Weasels are all over the place!  Drawn as a favor to a friend who is working on running a multi-runner, long distance race.  The team name is the Fighting Weasels.  Not my best work, but for one nights effort, I think it came out alright.  I made an illustrator version as well, with color fill options (shown below).  I think the color makes the image better.  Hopefully the team enjoys their T-Shirts and has a successful run. 
To get there, I had to do some research in how Weasels look.  Not Google's favorite thing to post, so not a ton of weasel imagery to pick from.  Interesting how the cartoons of weasels seem a little distant from actual weasels, but I guess they pull it off OK, extracting behavioral traits contained in the characiture.
I miss art, and this blog was supposed to fill that gap to be sure I was keeping up on it.  Maybe with life changing pace I can put some more juice into it.  Also, to any readers, thanks for following.

Your art-friend,

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