Monday, May 6, 2013

Doodle 32 - Little Hulk Sketch

Little Hulk Sketch, so named because it is literally very small.  I was sitting in the Waffle House waiting on the van to get some new tinted windows and went through some of my old artworks.  This was an unfinished piece from forever ago, so I fixed it up a bit.  It is seriously micro-sized. 
On an unrelated (random) note, Amanda tells me she wants to have a blog, but I think she's still too young.
Other random thoughts include:  I miss a lot of people I used to visit with everyday, like Zak Jones and Mark Cribb, folks who regularly encouraged risk taking, pursuit of adventure and creative thinking.  But we were all relatively young back then too.  On the other hand, I couldn't ask for a better job than what I do now in terms of impact and feeling that the world is a better place for my being in it.  Adventures are still there, but not the same kinds of adventures.  The other thing that's there is steady income to support 6+ kids and a cutey wife.  But who's to say that wouldn't be the case in the art world as well? 

Your Rammbler,

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