Saturday, February 1, 2014

2nd 50 RPG Maker Battlers Goes Live!

Wonderful feelings all around as the 2nd 50 set hits the streets (as they say).  The second 50 has a lot more of the same type of characters and adds another element of fun to your game design.

The nice folks at RPG Maker also offered an incentive to buy the 1st 50 this week, as they released the 2nd. 

I have already begun working on the 3rd 50.  All the pencil work is complete and about 30% have been colored.  now if I just had a solid 50 hours to sit and color.  This upcoming set is arguably my best work, no date or deadline for release yet, but I will keep you posted.

So enough about the next set, get over to the site and buy the 2nd 50 today!

Buy 2nd 50 Battlers from RPG Maker!

Again, all the best from me to you,


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