Saturday, July 26, 2014

RPG Maker - Tyler Warren RPG Battlers 3rd 50 is Live!

Yes, the Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - 3rd 50 as mentioned previously has been released!

This pack is ready for you to explore and exploit.  I really, really enjoyed making the pack and hope it attracts lots of interest, especially following the success of the RPG Maker Humble Bundle event last month.
Please hop on over to and pick up your copy.

I would so love to see someone craft an entire game with my characters...and if any of you happen to do just that, please let me know and let me cheer you on (by that I mean play your game).  This RPG Maker thing has been quite the adventure for me and hopefully I find time in the next year to craft a fourth 50, but we'll see.  Other work related things will start increasing for me shortly.

As always,

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