Friday, July 8, 2011

Doodle 10 - Lizard's are Suckers

Lizard's are Suckers
 Second to be born of the stack of old unfinished masterpieces.  I went a little further on exploring the textures and use of the pen here than the previous one.  Again the pencil drawing had little to go off, just a quick doodle.  That reminds me of some of my other pieces that I drew in pen only, I should dig them out and post here as well.  I can't remember if I ever added them to my other online portfolios. 
I should mention, if you dig the work and want to see more, I have lots of good items at so check that out from time to time.  I don't update it much any more, but it's a good historical reference (and only $15 a year to host as many as I want).  Shameless plug, if you click the artwanted link on the side and join, I get like $.050.